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Friday, March 29, 2013

Shine through my words


I think... the guru... shined her shakti through my "share!" This sudden realization sent me straight into deep meditation.

I haven't been (knowingly) touched at a physical level so directly by her for many years.

She did it for me. GRACE. So much love and grace for me.

She chose my words to shine her message through. This brings so much grace. I have experienced that to be touched in the slightest way by a Siddha can bring a huge transformation, and a series of super-charged events.

More so a guru, more so MY Guru. More so in the transmission of her shakti and intention for all her devotees and the world. (Holy cow is right...)


She is close to me, we are together and so very close. She is right here...

Look out! Things are heating up!!

I already enjoyed a face fire today... (laugh!).

Purification by divine love is by divine fire

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