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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Supreme necessity

A selection from the teachings of Shri Chinmoy at

Sri Chinmoy was an avid musician
For God-realisation, the first and foremost necessity is peace of mind. How can we have peace of mind? There are a few ways. If we decrease our earthly needs and increase our Heavenly needs, then we can get peace of mind. Also, if we do not expect anything from anyone or from anything except from God, then we can have peace of mind. As long as there is expectation, human expectation or earthly expectation, we cannot have peace of mind. Again, we cannot have peace of mind by positive or negative renunciation, but by affirmative acceptance. We have to accept the real Reality of God that is inside the world. Then, with our inner cry, with our aspiration, we have to create receptivity inside our body-consciousness so that we can welcome God the Supreme Beloved with His boundless Light and Delight.

In order for us to realise God, we also need purity, especially in our emotional vital. When we purify our emotional vital, we see and feel God’s Presence. Then we have to establish clarity in the mind. When we establish clarity in the mind, we will be able to see God very intimately. Then we have to commune with God all the time. In order to commune with God all the time, we have to create the supreme necessity for this inside our heart.This necessity has to be our psychic necessity. When we have created a psychic necessity to commune with God all the time, we shall without fail see God, talk to God, grow into the very image of God and consciously participate in God’s Cosmic Drama as devoted and unconditional instruments of God.

Sri Chinmoy took mahasamhadi in 2007
Wherever we are, God is. In order to realise this supreme truth, we have to return what we have borrowed from the world: darkness, ignorance, bondage, limitation, imperfection and death. We borrowed these things because we felt that they would help us considerably, but now we have come to realise that they are real obstructions. So these things we must return, and the things that we eternally have in the inmost recesses of our being—peace, light, bliss, truth—we have to increase. We have to bring them to the fore, for they are the real Reality of our existence. The things that we eternally are, we have to claim and offer to the world at large. If we do this, we shall know who God is and where God is.

The moment you know
Who you really are,
All secrets of the world
Will be an open book to you.

~ Sri Chinmoy (from

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