Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I have waited for you

I am floating. I reach out, grasp at my story, then let go. I am not moving. I am winding down. My subtle body is coming to rest.

I see my mind reaching, reaching... and let go.

Reaching.... let go.

I hear the divine voice of my Lord, the Gita that sings in my heart.

Krishna knows. He knows this place.

I have waited for you, He whispers.

Monday, September 14, 2015


Extraction means an assist under duress in leaving the field of battle safely and with honor.

I am extracting myself from the story of "my" life, from the places where I am still attached to the story, where I think the "little me" is affecting what is unfolding.

These stories aren't nearly as interesting to me anymore. It's a pull on me that is uncomfortable, now that there is freedom for me around these places.

I feel free. profoundly free, and calm. I need never "rev up" in life again. And this freedom unexpectedly opens me again to this play. I have a part and I still serve and protect.

I worship the play of God, a swirl of pure intelligence with no weight, no imprint as history.

N o w .  N o w .  N o w .

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