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Friday, March 15, 2013


Suddenly frozen in place...
I have changed what successful adulthood means to me. I am only able to do this because of support from my guru's grace. For the first time in so very long I am receiving more energy from life than I have to expend... WAY MORE. That is grace.

I have "finished" burning the gross level of delusion I asked her to remove. I feel that the impurities of the three malas are crispy burnt, getting closer to lovely cinders.

So important: I have turned in the right direction, towards God. Now I can grow and become something new.


More burning ahead?! I don't know. It's up to my guruji.

I don't think I'll get mauled by the gross level of delusion anymore. But whatever remains could be stoked as fuel for the purifying fire.

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