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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Abhinavagupta's Tantraloka

Excerpt from an interview with Mark Dyczkowski, author of The Doctrine of Vibration and The Stanzas on Vibration. Tantraloka is due to be published later in 2013. Mark also offers a full immersion program for students of the teachings from Abhinavagupta's Tantraloka.

Ellen: Can you give us an overview of what Kashmiri Shaivism is? 
Mark: Kashmir Shaivism explains that reality is understood to be just One, and that reality is Lord Shiva. He is the pure conscious nature that manifests as all things. Like a light that shines and illumines everything, the light of consciousness shines, illuminating its own infinite manifestations. This shining of Lord Shiva is eternal, unending, undivided, and in all ways unconditioned. What we live and experience in our daily lives, in every moment, is part of that immense consciousness. He shines, manifests, and is everything and everybody—all that happens in our lives, as well as the means by which we perceive it all. 
The essence of the entire teaching is that anything we do for our spiritual development is ultimately to achieve the recognition that there is only that one reality and it is who we are: we are that Lord Shiva who is shining and manifesting as all things. 
I have always felt that what the Tantrics were teaching was very much in consonance with what one would aspire to experience in one’s own life. And the way it was all expressed was also wonderfully beautiful.

Mandala by Keith Jefferds
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