Sunday, January 31, 2016

The moment of freedom

Freedom is essential for a yogini. It is not an ideal to fight for, to defend. It is not a happy consequence of "living free" in one's life and choices.
Freedom for me means the last tug before the samskara is pulled off, the gasp as new energy pours in, healing and renewing my subtle body, freeing me, a release I can feel.

Once I endured it. Now I welcome it, open to it, flow with it. Freedom.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Established in the truth

Severus Snape sacrificed himself to all that unfolded around him, remaining a part of everything sacred and profane. His unique service was to remain present in the events he was born to inhabit with no promise of outcome or reward.

I can turn my senses completely inward almost entirely at will now (with the support of grace, always). And I can sit like this while consciousness as movement surrounds me. It isn't a struggle, I don't have to regain the same amount of ground to get there.

I think of this as one, I identify with the One, and I am completely in the present, an eternal moment of bliss.

Give me an ocean and I'll turn this ship around. I've come back to the halfway point in the grand circle. When I search for the story in what is here, I notice, and stop. This includes the story of how I will become realized. Yup.

This just is. I don't want any of these karmas. The price is too high. The price is now, and now is where all that is most precious lives. The magical things I've dreamed of since childhood.

It is my guru's intention that I become established in the moment as Supreme Joy. Her grace carries me and I am amazed, shocked really, at how much she is giving me now.

Many need sadhana for attainment. This is a sweet path. But my sadhana is to be in the moment. To accept, all of this. I don't have to overcome anything.

Equipoise is freedom. Once I tasted this freedom, it all began to unravel, all of what I once thought of as important.

This is my form of discipline. It means almost always moving my previous activities–sadhana in all of its forms–gently aside. Don't struggle. Don't reach. Allow. Be.

This is not a mental exercise. I did not think it up, either. It is happening to me. It is real.

I am becoming established in the truth.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Only Guru's grace

To me, bhumisparsha means touching, standing upon
the witness of the earth, the unchanging truth

There is only one being here. This is all One pretending to be many.

This is not a know. It is there when I get my mind (story) out of the way.

It is my experience. A now made of incredible bliss.

How? Guru's grace. Only guru's grace.

To me, Bhumisparsha means seeking only, and grounded only in truth

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