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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sacred Fire

Shri Ram and Lakshman with Vishvamitra
at the sacred fire
Hello XXXXX:

Fear comes from impurities, i.e. the three malas (Google these). Every time I am further purified (by my guru's shakti), and experience my oneness with Paramashiva, I have less fear.

The turning point came when I identified my top fear, which was being alone. Not an intellectual understanding, but rather seeing clearly what my main attachment has been in this lifetime. All other fears and attachments are parts of this main fear.

What changed? I truly offered my fear to my guru, to the sadguru. It was burnt up in the fire, instantly. This is because of her grace, and my complete understanding followed by complete action.

Since then I do not feel very much fear. When fear arises, I immediately recognize it as contracted consciousness, made from my Beloved, offered to him immediately with love. This is my favorite dharana.

What is your fear? What fear contains all your fears? Who can you offer your fear to, confident that they will burn it up in the sacred fire? Can you have this courage? The prize for this courage is GREAT.

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