Friday, March 29, 2013

Shine through my words


I think... the guru... shined her shakti through my "share!" This sudden realization sent me straight into deep meditation.

I haven't been (knowingly) touched at a physical level so directly by her for many years.

She did it for me. GRACE. So much love and grace for me.

She chose my words to shine her message through. This brings so much grace. I have experienced that to be touched in the slightest way by a Siddha can bring a huge transformation, and a series of super-charged events.

More so a guru, more so MY Guru. More so in the transmission of her shakti and intention for all her devotees and the world. (Holy cow is right...)


She is close to me, we are together and so very close. She is right here...

Look out! Things are heating up!!

I already enjoyed a face fire today... (laugh!).

Purification by divine love is by divine fire

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Face fire!

I dreamed that a man from India was handling fire for some reason. Perhaps a performance or a ritual. 

Then the man's face was on fire, it had caught fire. The man did nothing but stand there, swaying slightly. 

He's in samadhi, I realized. His face is burning up. He's in samadhi and doesn't know he's on fire! I feared for him. 

Then... he regained "normal" consciousness and the fire stopped. He realized what had happened. His face was blackened. He didn't seem to be in pain or upset at all. 

 He had a gentle little smile.

~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~

samadhi [sumaadhi]: advanced state of meditation; absorption in the Self; Oneness; the mind becoming identified with the object of meditation

~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~

UPDATE: 3/29/13
At first I thought the dream meant that meditating was when my ego was really being burned.

I thought perhaps it might even mean that when I left meditation, the burning stopped.

Today... I interpret the dream to mean that union with God (samadhi) means that burning ego need not cause pain, and could actually be bliss. 

I think this is the highest meaning of the dream, (which makes me smile......)

I want to burn ego so I can be taken back into God. And the more I am joined with God, the more I can burn ego fearlessly and with little pain. 

"Bring it..."

The mantra grants fearlessness. The mantra protects the one who practices it from the pain of the world. Om Namah Shivaya.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dharana from my Guru

Backlit wave

I checked the SY Path Website yesterday, and there is a teaching from my Guru. A lovely picture of the cold, blue, dusky bank above frozen Lake Nityananda with the beautiful sky of a golden dawn breaking above it.

The words Unite and Love are placed on the image, with Love in the center, (a place of unity).

(My Guru loves to teach through the divine as nature).

To me, the lake is below, the new day is above. UNITE the inner with the outer... via LOVE.

UNITE the impure consciousness of maya (the malas) with the pure consciousness of the One... through LOVE.

UNITE my old life of conditions of the mind (fear) with my new sadhana of freedom... as LOVE.

As I apply consciousness to each limitation
the Guru is the root of all action

watching its power dissolving in consciousness
I move through the fear to consciousness as a new freedom... 


The first mockingbird

I love the jaunty Mockingbird's karaoke of Spring!

Oh, how could I forget? To record my joy....?

The day before yesterday, I heard.....


Darshan as the divine nectar of "bursting forth...," a new Spring beginning (me too)

Connect the body

"…it is the problem of us modern men to connect the body again with the spirit, rather than identifying spirit with soul or mind, to the detriment of the body."  ~ James Hillman

Abhinavagupta's Tantraloka

Excerpt from an interview with Mark Dyczkowski, author of The Doctrine of Vibration and The Stanzas on Vibration. Tantraloka is due to be published later in 2013. Mark also offers a full immersion program for students of the teachings from Abhinavagupta's Tantraloka.

Ellen: Can you give us an overview of what Kashmiri Shaivism is? 
Mark: Kashmir Shaivism explains that reality is understood to be just One, and that reality is Lord Shiva. He is the pure conscious nature that manifests as all things. Like a light that shines and illumines everything, the light of consciousness shines, illuminating its own infinite manifestations. This shining of Lord Shiva is eternal, unending, undivided, and in all ways unconditioned. What we live and experience in our daily lives, in every moment, is part of that immense consciousness. He shines, manifests, and is everything and everybody—all that happens in our lives, as well as the means by which we perceive it all. 
The essence of the entire teaching is that anything we do for our spiritual development is ultimately to achieve the recognition that there is only that one reality and it is who we are: we are that Lord Shiva who is shining and manifesting as all things. 
I have always felt that what the Tantrics were teaching was very much in consonance with what one would aspire to experience in one’s own life. And the way it was all expressed was also wonderfully beautiful.

Mandala by Keith Jefferds
©Copyright 2013 (all rights reserved)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Holi!

Happy Holi!

Surrender to yoga

Surrender to yoga, for where is the
conflict when the truth is known?
~ Krishnamacharya

Follow the divine nada, the internal guide

I am learning so much right now.

I am so used to thinking that God is beyond all comprehension, that everything between us will always be bathed in mystery (while I'm alive).

Lord Shiva on the River Ganges at Rishikesh
And yet, when I worshiped God as Durga, She came to me as Durga.

A long time since I converted to Hinduism, "my" forms of God have finally become very real to me (Paramashiva... as... Shiva Shakti, Shiva Parvati, Krishna, Krishna Radha, and now Durga... and divine grace through my guru). I have grown to be very devoted, grateful, full of worship, glowing with divine love for Paramashiva, the Supreme Lord.

Now that I see how much this has helped me grow spiritually, I can truly see how hard it is for the mind to contemplate God without at least a lingam to represent the formless, or a beloved form to worship and love. 

And so it seems that God is very merciful, and comes to us in the right form(s) for us.

I am always very wary of anything that sounds like: "God is this, but not that." It's a fear of having a system of merit that distorts my life and freedom. 

Sounds like a reasonable fear for a person raised as a Mormon. 

I am not anti-Mormon. But I have never liked (even as a child) that the Mormon theology has almost everything figured out and explained. And yet... here I am all these years later, believing in another universal, all-inclusive system of explanation, part philosophical and part religious: Sanatana Dharma, The Eternal Way (Hinduism

Lord Shiva on the River Ganges at Rishikesh
It seems there is a system, of sorts, for how to understand and implement the process of realization. God gave me the most precious gift of a shaktipat guru. And now God is sending me a constant stream of at least three major kinds of nada (divine sounds), saying: "This way, My Beloved.... to me."

Oh... <swoon>

(Or maybe it's my guru. "This way, grasshopper...")

So then, when when I think to look, I immediately find several sources on the internet about the nada sound(s) and what it means, what to do if it's happening to you, or how to get it to happen to you if it's not (nada as an inner guide during meditation).


What are the chances of that? It wasn't so much, "oh, that's what this sound is...," as it was, "Yeah! That's it all right..."

It seems there are plenty of other people having similar experiences to my own. But for the process to be describe pretty much exactly, it's like there's a formula involved... It seems too limited to be REAL.

Lord Shiva on the River Ganges at Rishikesh
I have trained myself to doubt everything, and especially so if it has been laid out exactly, concretely, like Mormonism. I have developed a very strong ability to proceed on hypothesis without ever fully believing in anything. 

I went to college for six plus years, and was trained as a social scientist, which I loved.

I don't know, my mind just can't quite wrap around this yet. Close.

I think this is a mala burning. Really, everything is ONE being, who enjoys forgetting who He is and then revels in the bliss of remembering and returning to Himself. Of course some of that would be the same for "everyone."


~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~

The Three Devis: Lakshmi, Durga and Saraswati 

My name is Jnana, which means "to know" in Sanskrit. I developed a "healthy" skepticism to extricate myself from the black and white "knowing" of Mormonism. By my teen years, I had cultivated this natural contempt for anyone who thought they have a handle on the truth, who thought they knew, better than me, about me... and what I should believe or do. 

But somehow ... I get to have a religion, I get to "know" again. It's exhilarating! 

I truly am Hindu (though I am also more, as I imagine many Hindus are...). And I have a full, robust relationship with God... full, robust belief... and a balanced skepticism.

The emanating consciousness of Shiva

"The healthy mind challenges its own assumptions." ~ The I Ching
"What is wanted is not the will to believe, but the wish to find out, which is the exact opposite." ~ Bertrand Russell
"I tore myself away from the safe comfort of certainties through my love for the truth; and truth rewarded me." ~ Simone de Beauvoir"

Durga Maa

Maa Brahmacharini

PLEASE CLICK to visit my post today for Navaratri 2015 ~ Jana 10/13/15

My heart melted; my guru loves me. I had that experience, the darshan of her love for me.

I was having the darshan of Durga while looking for images of the Devi. I never related to Durga (or the Goddess) before... but my heart melted again... I had Durga's darshan, and I cannot get enough of it, sweet... Durga Maa(!) So sweet.

I was inspired to pray to the Goddess for help. I prayed to Durga as Maa Brahmacharini avatara, (or is she Parvati doing austerities to become wed to Lord Shiva?) I prayed for the grace to create and maintain a purifying yogic fire through my tapas (austerities). 

All at once I noticed that the divine nada that sounds like effervescence with tinkling in the high register got louder. There was a new nada as well, closely resembling the tamboura (which emulates the primary bija (seed) mantra sound "OM." My ears got the "full" feeling I often get when it feels like the sounds are purifying me even more than usual (I don't remember having continuous nada before my "latest" spiritual awakening before the first of this year).

All at once I noticed all that, and in the same moment the mp3 of the mantra that was playing in Windows Media Player skipped, not once, but twice in a row. As in it played the same tiny segment three times in a row before going on as normal. My hair almost rose up, it was uncanny. Unmistakable.

I also noticed (and this is still happening) that the Siddha Yoga recordings of the mantra that I have playing continuously have added instruments or sounds, like, focus on this sound in the mantra.

I really feel that all my nadas are very intimate messages from the divine to me. The scintillate and dance, changing in pitch and tone and many ways "on a dime." A very expressive link.

Today, things are different. I am not as enslaved by the computer. I meditated for an hour (with ten minutes off to feed the cat). I can sit and think about what I want to do next.

Once again I am amazed by the "power of prayer," as Christians call it. Hindus would call it the power of puja (worship), I think, meaning yearning and love manifest as careful and ecstatic ritual and offerings.

I worshipped Durga as Maa Brahmacharini, placing her at the top of my blog. She responded with so much love. Now I know that the Goddess is just as real as God (I know ultimately we are all one).

I did some research on nada on the web, and posted some excerpts (next post). The most exciting thing is the understanding that the nada is something to focus on, a sort of divine guide, so I can be guided within during meditation and my journey to the divine.

Nada: Divine Sounds ~ some selected quotes

A person who is visited by nada, especially during meditation, is known as a nadawala (nada = sound, -wala (suffix) = person)

When the aspirant has recognized this Nada and familiarized himself well enough with it, he will perceive that, contrary to the ever-changing inner and outer conditions that he was used to up to that moment, this mystical sound has a strange unearthly continuity about it.

It can be compared to the soft whisper of the wind and the continuous hissing noise of the ocean waves, with a shrill “ultra” sound on top of it, composed of all the harmonics in the universe. On higher spheres, this sacred Nada will have a strange sort of silvery aspect to it, somewhat similar to the uninterrupted jingling sound of very little pieces of glass, with other smaller, ever more subtle sounds superimposed on it, until finally these finer sounds seem to disappear into infinity." (excerpt from Edward Salim Michael: The Inner Sound: Nada Yoga)

"You might perceive inner sounds that seem like bells, or flutes, or even a hum like an electrical transformer. Some of these sounds are actually just the sounds of your own body: blood pumping, or the electrical energy of nerves and inner ear. Other, deeper, sounds are the "sounds behind the audible sound." It is into this deeper realm that Nada yoga can take you.

Some traditions tell us that this subtle, inner sound originates in the "heart chakra of the subtle body," considered the center of unstruck sound. Yogic tradition connects this inner sound with Kundalini itself.

In Nada yoga you concentrate on these finer and deeper sounds, moving from outer to inner realm, moving awareness from outer to inner sounds (Sanskrit: "nadam"), while all the time gently easing your mind into relaxed concentration and focus. This is a highly enjoyable form of meditation and it's relatively effortless: as you meditate, your entire being, every cell and atom and part of you, is being purified and balanced by the sounds that you are focusing on. Remember, whatever you pay attention to, you become. "Where you put your treasure, there you shall also find your heart." (from Nada Yoga: The Yoga of Sound)."

"The chirping of innumerable crickets and the chiming of many bells sounded in my inner consciousness. My closed eyes quivered momentarily and then they were still. The chirping and chiming sounds merged into one pulsating in-drawing tone of delightful sonority, a lifting and a pulling of tonal power..." (from Yahoo Groups: Christian Mystics: Light and Sound on the Path)

"Man’s life on this planet can be seen as a continuum of expansion and contraction–an endless pulsation controlled by our breathing. We participate at the most gross level in an interactive system of vibration and resonance. The pinnacle of this vibration is the cosmic sound–called nada.

This nada produces space (akasha) which, in turn, produces the other elements of the manifest world (air, fire, water and earth).These elements are at the interface of the gross material world and the subtle non-material world or field. They participate in both worlds as a link.

Akasha is the element of the fifth chakra, Vishuddha (ultra pure), which is the source of speech, listening and creativity. All sound produces akasha. Depending upon the quality of the sound, akasha will be gross or more refined. Among the finest of akashas is surya akasha. The prerequisites for producing such akasha are: precise pronunciation and intonation of mantras as well as the purity of feeling for the divinity within. There are many beneficial effects of surya akasha." (from Inner Tuning: Sounds for Psycho-Spiritual Growth).

Sound and light that leads within

Monday, March 25, 2013

Sour grapes is one thing...

Picture of Quiet

MY PIN of President Obama:

Quiet Places (me):
"I've never started a flame war before. I've never had people I have treated with nothing but respect call me stupid, blind, "Obama lovers" and other downright hateful things. Sour grapes are one thing, but you otherwise kind folks have graduated to hating me for disagreeing with you on something we are so lucky to be able to choose: who leads the executive branch of our government for four more years, a branch of government balanced by congress and the supreme court, the checks and balances built into our system of government. If you cannot have faith in our political system, why would you launch such a mean-spirited, venomous attack on those who do? I'm your neighbor, people. The friendly woman who pays taxes, volunteers my time and worships at the church of my choice. I must disagree with you about this one thing: who I voted for does not mean I deserve to be written off and dehumanized by accusations of stupidity and attacks on my character. I know it's tough, but get a grip!"

Is he perfect? Hell no. 
(I don't recall any perfect Presidents...)

My guru's love

Maa Brahmacharini
I sometimes meditate on my guru while doing mantra japa. Today I had a thought. She loves me...

I did not have this experience before. When I have thought of her, it is always stern and judgemental. I tend to think of her in terms of energy (grace). 

When I first found out about SYP I related to Baba, not the current Guru. I have issues with women. I'm a tomboy who grew up to spend time mostly with men.

Perhaps it's so simple. My mother didn't show me love. My guru doesn't love me. I picture an umbrella keeping her love out, because women don't love me. 

Wrong! I feel her love. 

When I visited the Santa Cruz Center for the first time, and her picture on her chair seemed so welcoming, I felt her love. When she first came to me, (when I was considering visiting "the tour" when she came to town), and she asked me, "won't you come be with me?," I felt her love. When she "returned" a week later to check on me, and asked "is that your lunch?" of the frozen pseudo food I had prepared, I felt her love for me. And when I longed during a chant at the Los Gatos Center to chant at Shree Muktananda Ashram, I felt her love for me.

Her love got me to the ashram eight months after my shaktipat.

Of course she loves me. She fills me with her shakti, her love. 

O my guru, melt my painful old feelings of unworthiness, I pray. Let them dissolve into the divine shakti energy of my beloved Paramashiva. Om shanti shanti shanti.

Durga Maa sets things right

A solid intention, a clear goal

Maa Brahmacharini
An avatar of Durga, she is a yogini
wearing white, who performs austerities,
(holding her japa mala) and carries the
water container of a wandering sadhu
Just now I was watching my thoughts, the concern (the fear), the questioning (the doubt).

I do not have a clear idea of how to proceed. My intention is not solid or clear.

My control over my mind and habits is very shaky. What is next?

A few months ago, when my spiritual awakening was most vibrant, I would notice right away when my mind was rating my attainment as "decreasing," and would focus on, then watch this thought dissolve as consciousness (arise... dissolve...)

Now I am confused about how to proceed.

I have a question: how should I alter my behavior, my practices? And the mind has an answer which is shaped by the three malas: you are flawed, separate from and far from God, missing what you need, living in a world of many, creating likes and dislikes about this (and everything).

What is true? I am one with God. Everything is here (there is no there to get to). 

Yesterday I was studying the three malas online (see below). There is a power of God that descends (maya shakti) and ascends (svantaantrya). But for me, my shakti is maya shakti, and is limited, so it only descends (becomes limited and perceives duality). 

Swami Laksmanjoo said that if a spiritual understanding slips away, especially if it slips away quickly, that is because of this limiting (descending) maya shakti. This helps me to understand what my challenge is as a sadhini. But how to address it?

I want to make a basic change in my life, so that I am reaching my spiritual potential, and not getting lost in compulsion.

Even Lord Shiva lives the life of a yogi
and performs spiritual practices
Hmmmm an answer to try on. Whatever aligns me with the shakti of my guru. Her shakti burns the limiting malas away, releasing my own shakti from the bondage of the malas, becoming the free and ascendant shakti of God once again. Her shakti, my shakti.... hmmmmmmmm.

This is all based on dualism. I want to go for the "home run," as in, attainment is here.

What matters is not what I do or do not do. It's whether I am finding the supreme truth in this moment. The practices support getting to this. But even Lord Shiva does the practices. 

The number one practice for me, my favorite and the one with my guru's intention for this year, is japa mantra.

So, how do I know when to do japa mantra and for how long? How do I know when not to do it?? Should I try to do it all the time???

Whatever I try or do, I need to line everything up behind my intention, a clear sankalpa, and then focus entirely on that.

I don't have a clear intention. I remember when I really really wanted to quit smoking. I didn't want to waste that desire. But when I tried to quit this way it didn't last. I finally realized it is (most definitely) NOT enough to WANT TO QUIT. There has to be a clear intention, and full alignment with the goal. Otherwise I would cave in at the least temptation.

(I had help quiting smoking and changing my diet because I had the flu so bad).

I do not have a personal relationship with my guru. This doesn't really concern me. I know I can write to her, and that she will respond one way or another (though I can't think of what to say). I experience her shakti supporting me in every way and that is a gift beyond compare.

What I do know is to pursue japa mantra, as she has made that the theme this year (and her grace and intention fully aligns with this practice). She also touches on many different practices and aspects of the spiritual path, so that all of her devotees will find the practices and path that supports them.

I have asked God to help me achieve the ability to do hatha yoga in this body. It is so good for me energetically, and for cleansing and focusing the mind.

I think this: as long as I am not meditating daily I will have this question.

Meditate daily. Build up a reasonable and fruitful practice. Then if the question comes up again, look at it again.

In our Shaiva system, there are three malas or impurities. These malas reside in maya. They do not reside in svaatantrya shakti. Even though svatantrya shakti and maya are one, yet they are different in the sense that svatantrya shakti is that state of energy which can produce the power of going down and coming up again, both at will, whereas maya will only give you the strength of going down and not the ability of rising up again. Once you have come down, you cannot move up again. This is the reality of the state of maya. It binds you.
Maya shakti is that universal energy which is owned by the individual being, the individual soul. And when that same universal energy is owned by the universal being, it is called svatantrya shakti.
Svatantrya shakti is pure universal energy. Impure universal energy is maya. It is only the formation that changes through a difference of vision. When you experience svatantrya shakti in a crooked way, it becomes maya shakti for you. And when you realize that same maya shakti in Reality, then that maya shakti becomes svatantrya shakti for you. Therefore, svatantrya shakti and maya shakti are actually only one and the three impurities (malas)... reside in maya shakti, not in svatantrya shakti
From Kashmir Shaivism: The Secret Supreme by Swami Lakshmanjoo (1907-1991)
Swami Lakshmanjoo 1947

Friday, March 22, 2013



Tapas (tapas) in Sanskrit means "heat". In Vedic religion and Hinduism, it is used figuratively, denoting spiritual suffering, mortification or austerity, and also the spiritual ecstasy of a yogin or tāpasa ("...a practitioner of austerities, an ascetic")... The adjective tapasvin means "wretched, poor, miserable", but also "an ascetic, someone practicing austerities."

In the yogic tradition, tapasyā may be translated as "essential energy", referring to a focused effort leading towards bodily purification and spiritual enlightenment. It is one of the Niyamas (observances of self-control) described in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Tapasya implies a self-discipline or austerity willingly expended both in restraining physical urges and in actively pursuing a higher purpose in life. Through tapas, a yogi or spiritual seeker can "burn off" or prevent accumulation of negative energies [karma], clearing a path toward spiritual evolution.

The mantra is my protection
against the pain of samsara (the world)

Breaking free

Recognition: God as a penguin is funny.

I have focused in the last two years on a 12-step program I  have participated in in the past. I found the women who could be my friends, but no matter what I did, it never happened. We remain acquaintances. It is always that way.

Now that I have decided to be solitary, I pondered what to do about this program, and these women and my home meeting in particular. I wanted to just quit. I hung in, deciding what to do. I missed here and there, and three weeks when I had the flu so so bad (I usually never missed this meeting).

Finally, I sort of gently extricated myself. It felt right. I felt a little resentment towards these women, for planning things without inviting me, mostly. But I didn't act it out. 

I didn't even think: "don't act out."

I was thinking about this just now. I realized that I left this part of my life without creating any karma. I didn't disappear. And I didn't make excuses (lies), or act resentful (blame). 

I always did those things before, a part of the THIS, now NOT THIS....... THAT, now NOT THAT... cycle. I am breaking free.

Thank you guru, thank you grace.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The mantra grants me fearlessness

Om gam ganapataye namah
Sri Ganesh, remover of obstacles
I am willing to clean house, willing to say yes to some of "life's demands." I am still learning how to choose to do things, rather than forcing myself.

Dharana: I focus the power of (my) consciousness on the fear. My focus is consciousness. The fear is consciousness. The sacred fire is consciousness.

With the cloak of fearlessness imparted by the mala, I offer the fear to the fire of consciousness.

The dualism of separateness from God is consciousness (anava mala). The dualism of me versus not me/others is consciousness (mayiya mala). The dualism of liking/seeking versus not liking/avoiding is consciousness (karma mala). The three malas are all consciousness.

I am so grateful for grace. I pray for grace.

Om namah shivaya.

Shubh Labh Mantra AUM shrim gam saubhaagya ganpataye varvard sarvajanm me.n vaShamaanya namH
Lord Ganesh, remover of obstacles

Discipline for the practices

Sri Durga
I have sat for hours, tending to this, my seva (laugh), and listening to all my beautiful recordings of the mantra one after another. I feel in my body the tapas, the sacred fire. I feel bliss. I am attracted to read about the siddhas and gurus and devotees and practices. I'm inspired.

I want to keep this fire going throughout each day.

Currently it comes and goes. I must relight the fire, get it going, build it up again.

I set this goal for myself, to have a steady discipline in the practices. 

I am so grateful for guru's grace. I pray for your grace, that you will bless my sankalpa, my intention.

Om guru om.

Early in the mornings for all of you Sit motionless. Do not grumble of bad environments. Create  your own mental world and environments. Build up your character properly. Establish virtuous healthy habits. Understand the glory, splendour and power of God, who is at the back of your mind, thoughts, will and memory. Keep your body strong and healthy through regular exercise. Become a spiritual hero. Shut out the doors of the senses. Still the thoughts, emotions and feelings. Sit motionless and calm in the early morning hours. Have a receptive attitude. Go along with God. Enjoy peace in the silence. How I like these golden rules which have come out from some Divine lips. Yours as ever, Lakshamnjoo
Early in the mornings for all of you
Sit motionless. Do not grumble of bad environments. Create
your own mental world and environments. Build up your
character properly. Establish virtuous healthy habits.
Understand the glory, splendour and power of God, who is at
the back of your mind, thoughts, will and memory. Keep
your body strong and healthy through regular exercise.
Become a spiritual hero. Shut out the doors of the senses.
Still the thoughts, emotions and feelings. Sit motionless
and calm in the early morning hours. Have a receptive
attitude. Go along with God. Enjoy peace in the silence.
How I like these golden rules which have
come out from some Divine lips.
Yours as ever,

Supreme necessity

A selection from the teachings of Shri Chinmoy at

Sri Chinmoy was an avid musician
For God-realisation, the first and foremost necessity is peace of mind. How can we have peace of mind? There are a few ways. If we decrease our earthly needs and increase our Heavenly needs, then we can get peace of mind. Also, if we do not expect anything from anyone or from anything except from God, then we can have peace of mind. As long as there is expectation, human expectation or earthly expectation, we cannot have peace of mind. Again, we cannot have peace of mind by positive or negative renunciation, but by affirmative acceptance. We have to accept the real Reality of God that is inside the world. Then, with our inner cry, with our aspiration, we have to create receptivity inside our body-consciousness so that we can welcome God the Supreme Beloved with His boundless Light and Delight.

In order for us to realise God, we also need purity, especially in our emotional vital. When we purify our emotional vital, we see and feel God’s Presence. Then we have to establish clarity in the mind. When we establish clarity in the mind, we will be able to see God very intimately. Then we have to commune with God all the time. In order to commune with God all the time, we have to create the supreme necessity for this inside our heart.This necessity has to be our psychic necessity. When we have created a psychic necessity to commune with God all the time, we shall without fail see God, talk to God, grow into the very image of God and consciously participate in God’s Cosmic Drama as devoted and unconditional instruments of God.

Sri Chinmoy took mahasamhadi in 2007
Wherever we are, God is. In order to realise this supreme truth, we have to return what we have borrowed from the world: darkness, ignorance, bondage, limitation, imperfection and death. We borrowed these things because we felt that they would help us considerably, but now we have come to realise that they are real obstructions. So these things we must return, and the things that we eternally have in the inmost recesses of our being—peace, light, bliss, truth—we have to increase. We have to bring them to the fore, for they are the real Reality of our existence. The things that we eternally are, we have to claim and offer to the world at large. If we do this, we shall know who God is and where God is.

The moment you know
Who you really are,
All secrets of the world
Will be an open book to you.

~ Sri Chinmoy (from

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The guru is the root of all action


 ~ Beloved Jnaneshwar ~
also known as Jnandeva
Jnaneshwar's guru was his
elder brother, Nivritti
I  never heard anyone, guruji or any devotees ever discuss what this means. It is prominently displayed next to the guru's asana (seat).

I turned it over in my mind from time to time, because I did not understand it. (Now I also know what she meant when she said that the mind must be prepared for the teachings).

Only in the last year or two did I learn that the guru is the creator (God), the supreme guru. But I still didn't know what that meant. The guru gets her guru powers from her oneness with Paramashiva?

This is part of why Shiva is portrayed as an ascetic, solitary on Mount Kailash in the Himalayas, with matted jata (locks), mostly naked in the cold, wearing animal skins, sacred ash, mala in hand, deep in meditation. He is the supreme yogi, the supreme guru.

I still didn't understand.

In the last year or so I was learning this and that. I learned about the Trimurti of Vishnaivism, in which Brahma is the creator, Shiva is the destroyer and Supreme Vishnu is the sustainer (and Lord Vishnu took birth as Lord Ram and then Lord Krishna).

Gorakshanath of the Nath Sampradaya
In Shaivism, I learned that Lord Shiva as Supreme over all the other gods performs all five divine functions, including the familiar three of the Trimurti: creator, sustainer, and destroyer (dissolver).

The other two divine functions are that of concealer, and revealer. Shiva conceals with the power of maya, which is illusion. He reveals through the power of GRACE.

I still didn't understand.

My mind finally reached a level of subtlety and purity (I still have lots more to go) where my understanding became full. Ohh.....

The Supreme Lord creates all out of himself... by using his divine will to contract his consciousness into a universe of cause and effect, of limitations (this, not that). In order for the ONE to enjoy this experience of the MANY, he also creates maya, which conceals the singular source of all. The many each think they are one of many. We no longer see a world made out of our self, the one. I think I am Jana, (or Jnana).

Shiva conceals his true nature from himself.... The game is afoot.

But my soul wants to return now. I want to be with my Lord, one with him, safe in his heart. "At last the little stream began meandering toward the sea..." That is where the revealer comes in. The supreme guru has stirred in my heart as the desire to return. He led me to my guru, who is one with his revealing power.

Now I understand.

The lotus rising from the mud below
is a symbol of purity and enlightenment
This small phrase, the guru is the root of all action, refers to truth. A basic truth that must always be understood to live in truth.

All of this is paramashiva. All of this comes from and is moved by the Lord's intelligence as consciousness.

There can be no physical guru without this understanding. It is the source of the physical guru's base and power. If this truth is compromised in any way, the physical guru becomes a teacher with some fancy powers. Powers that can be used to deceive.

To be a guru is to be much more even than a realized being. She is one with the REVEALING power of Paramashiva, the Supreme Guru, which is GRACE. Everything that happens around and from my guru's shakti comes from the Supreme shakti of the Supreme Guru, in Paramashiva's activity as the revealer, the grace bestowing aspect of God..

"The guru is the root of all action."

To be a guru is to be committed to and aligned with the Supreme Guru's grace. Her grace is Paramashiva's grace, given in a very special way. I am so fortunate to receive this grace(!), precious beyond most precious.

My guru is a person, and experiences life. But she is so much more than that. Her life is very different. It is a very high form of seva, service.

Thank you so very much. Thank you for your service and your enlightening, revealing grace.

Lotus seeds

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