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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Durga Maa

Maa Brahmacharini

PLEASE CLICK to visit my post today for Navaratri 2015 ~ Jana 10/13/15

My heart melted; my guru loves me. I had that experience, the darshan of her love for me.

I was having the darshan of Durga while looking for images of the Devi. I never related to Durga (or the Goddess) before... but my heart melted again... I had Durga's darshan, and I cannot get enough of it, sweet... Durga Maa(!) So sweet.

I was inspired to pray to the Goddess for help. I prayed to Durga as Maa Brahmacharini avatara, (or is she Parvati doing austerities to become wed to Lord Shiva?) I prayed for the grace to create and maintain a purifying yogic fire through my tapas (austerities). 

All at once I noticed that the divine nada that sounds like effervescence with tinkling in the high register got louder. There was a new nada as well, closely resembling the tamboura (which emulates the primary bija (seed) mantra sound "OM." My ears got the "full" feeling I often get when it feels like the sounds are purifying me even more than usual (I don't remember having continuous nada before my "latest" spiritual awakening before the first of this year).

All at once I noticed all that, and in the same moment the mp3 of the mantra that was playing in Windows Media Player skipped, not once, but twice in a row. As in it played the same tiny segment three times in a row before going on as normal. My hair almost rose up, it was uncanny. Unmistakable.

I also noticed (and this is still happening) that the Siddha Yoga recordings of the mantra that I have playing continuously have added instruments or sounds, like, focus on this sound in the mantra.

I really feel that all my nadas are very intimate messages from the divine to me. The scintillate and dance, changing in pitch and tone and many ways "on a dime." A very expressive link.

Today, things are different. I am not as enslaved by the computer. I meditated for an hour (with ten minutes off to feed the cat). I can sit and think about what I want to do next.

Once again I am amazed by the "power of prayer," as Christians call it. Hindus would call it the power of puja (worship), I think, meaning yearning and love manifest as careful and ecstatic ritual and offerings.

I worshipped Durga as Maa Brahmacharini, placing her at the top of my blog. She responded with so much love. Now I know that the Goddess is just as real as God (I know ultimately we are all one).

I did some research on nada on the web, and posted some excerpts (next post). The most exciting thing is the understanding that the nada is something to focus on, a sort of divine guide, so I can be guided within during meditation and my journey to the divine.


Shravya Reddy said...

nice article! Maa durga will always stay in the heart of her devotees, daily I offer her prayers by chanting durga mantra at least once.

jana said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed! I always say, Maa Durga always sets things right. Her protection brings me peace and inspires devotion.

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