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Monday, March 11, 2013


I tried to meditate earlier, couldn't focus. Immediately I had the crawl in bed under covers meditation (cocooning), so divine... eventually went to sleep.

I dreamed that I lived communally, next to a river (ashram?).

I looked down and there was this cute little water creature, with four tiny legs so it could (sort of) move about on land, but with a tail and body like a fish. It was transforming into a fish, and wasn't quite there.

Look what I found, I announced! Then I looked around. The little creatures were every where on the wet asphalt, like water had rushed through and deposited them up here on the land.

My kitty
I tossed mine back down. No sense making a pet out of something we'll be trying not to step on at every step.

Then I was moving downward, a little closer to the river. Suddenly I realized the "land" I was standing on was "flowing." It was like liquifaction of the land slowly flowing downward. And as I turned the corner, I could see that our whole piece of the mountainside had given way and was flowing down into the river.

With great amount of effort I was able to push backwards and eventually got up to where I could alert everyone. I ran to my cubby and tried to figure out what to take. Laptop, leave most else. Then as I was escaping with everyone.... WHERE IS POCO? I didn't have him in my arms. I could remember having him earlier.

Cats always represent the "helpless" child part of me, that I need to take care of or she gets lost or hurt. The laptop is what often distracts me from spiritual practices. Little half transformed creatures everywhere seems to say I am in mid-change to the new. And the new is a fish, and water represents where I die, as I cannot live there (without drowning).

So don't lose track of the tender and sweet child inside. Don't let laptop distract from what is most important. And, I and my world are partially transformed into the fish, and we're "pouring" into the water (river) of realization.

This is a very good dream.

I also dreamed that I worked at a bad company, someone got murdered.

Dreams about transformation... REALIZATION, which I have been praying for, and meditating on (looking at everything as one thing: God).

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