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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dharana from my Guru

Backlit wave

I checked the SY Path Website yesterday, and there is a teaching from my Guru. A lovely picture of the cold, blue, dusky bank above frozen Lake Nityananda with the beautiful sky of a golden dawn breaking above it.

The words Unite and Love are placed on the image, with Love in the center, (a place of unity).

(My Guru loves to teach through the divine as nature).

To me, the lake is below, the new day is above. UNITE the inner with the outer... via LOVE.

UNITE the impure consciousness of maya (the malas) with the pure consciousness of the One... through LOVE.

UNITE my old life of conditions of the mind (fear) with my new sadhana of freedom... as LOVE.

As I apply consciousness to each limitation
the Guru is the root of all action

watching its power dissolving in consciousness
I move through the fear to consciousness as a new freedom... 


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