Saturday, May 25, 2013

Shiva the compassionate

Hari Hara (Vishnu-Shiva)

My recent post on Hindu Dharma Forums:

Hari Hara (Vishnu-Shiva)

Namaste ___________:

I too had some difficulties sorting out my devotion to Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna when I was newly converted.

I love both, truly, and of course, for they are different aspects of the Supreme Lord, who I know as Paramashiva (Kashmir Shaivism), and is known to many as Vishnu.

I think it is helpful to recognize that there are times when our hearts become more tender in our love for God. When you have just converted is of course one of those times.

Shiva the compassionate knows this. He offers you only love as you find what is "right" in your heart to worship Him best. He will take great pleasure in your mutual feelings of worship for Lord Krishna, who as the avatar of Lord Vishnu is made from the same great and transcendent Lord of all.

jnana shiva
ज्ञान शिव

Hari Hara (Vishnu-Shiva)

He who is one,
He who dispenses
The inherent needs
Of all people and all times,
He who is the beginning
Of all things, may He unite
Us in the bond
Of goodwill


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