Thursday, May 29, 2014

Only One

Someone stole $100 dollars from me. I watched it unfold, and by the time I realized it, my money was theirs.

Mentally I was calm. I made a note how to avoid this in the future. It's over with and I've moved on.

Physically and emotionally, I rode a HUGE pile of karma that burned up in me in less than a day, pure feeling. What a ride.

Slicked off that karma in one grand motion.

There is only One.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Grace... remember

For the first time, I have gone for weeks without posting. I do have other online projects that I have been taking a little vacation from as well.

My guru has been supporting an ecstatic chanting tour in Australia with her intention and shakti, and of course, all of her devotees have been receiving an amazing outpouring of her grace and bliss.

A part of these times of plenty is to learn how to hold the shakti, to be steady in mind, to practice discrimination, and to remain in the now, where I can experience my guru and her shakti as one with me and paramashiva.

Predictably, I thought I had reached a new level of attainment. I'm still learning this lesson!!

Next time this happens, I have to remember: It is all guru's grace. She is teaching me with her grace. Follow her grace to the guru and the source. 

Claiming grace as attainment is not the way to be with my Beloved.

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