Everywhere, every moment.
The ancient Shakti of my Guru is melting me into longing... 
dissolving me back into the guru of gurus, the primordial Lord... 
who is my beloved SHIVA

When I have the darshan of my Guru's shakti, 
it is sourced through a lineage of grace, a gift from all the Siddhas. 
Back to the first of all ages. Back to the beginning of time. 

Darshan from other lineages

Swami Lakshmanjoo

His Holiness Ogyen Trinley Dorje ~ Gyalwang Karmapa

Baba Hari Dass

Swami Chetananda

Shree Kaleshwar

Shree Mata Amritanandamayi ~ the hugging saint

Sri Anandamayi Ma

Swami Vivekananda

Shri Ramana Maharshi

Some enlightened people have scandals associated with them. I believe all are usually innocent, and sometimes worthy of forgiveness. 

Like anywhere else in the world, a portion of the press in India publishes rumors without investigating them first, the more false the better! 

Siddhas and gurus attract those seeking power and authority over devotees and resources. This can easily lead to scandal.

Siddhas attract scandals the way hospital stays attract lawyers, lotto winners attract the masters of con, and accumulating money attracts embezzlers and filers of law suits. Especially in countries similar to India, where everywhere is someone's turf, and that someone expects a percentage of the takeand can whip up a scandal to put the squeeze on. 

We are all surrounded by and touched by the lila, the dance of Shakti as an illusion of multiplicity. Shakti can and does become everything possible in this world. We know that because She does.

Siddhas have A LOT of shakti. One way of describing a siddha is that they hold all of their shakti. It doesn't stream out through the senses, through the mind, desiring and avoiding, making karmas. Holding shakti is the siddha's state, and what they give is from that state, the state that is a potential for each of us.

Rarely, siddhas have a crash, sometimes subtle, sometimes huge for all to see. For whatever reason, they cease holding their shakti for a time. Karmas happen, a mess is made, people who trusted and believed are deeply hurt. Doing one's best to clean up the hurt is then required. I do not mean to minimize this at all. Nor do I believe everyone should forgive. It is just an explanation.

I firmly believe that the majority of the time, the scandal is based on lies. The scandal is based on what devotees or con persons do in the guru's name. 

It generally takes non-siddhas to churn up rumors and steal from each other in someone's name.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jnanananda,

It’s often misunderstood that certain spiritual photos and philosophies are free for seekers to use, often, without knowing better, for their own public display and expression. Some things may indeed be allowed to be used someone who has that ownership or permission to use content that belongs to another individual or organization. For example, it may not be right for me to just use your blog and quote it and show your personal stories without your permission — it would be disrespectful. In the same way, I have noticed your use of photos and quaotations of Gurumayi Chidvilasananda on your blog, without any reference to sources (in the same way we cite a reference for a quotation from another source in a research paper. We do this because that content does not belong to us. We aren’t the creators of it and we need to at the very least acknowledge where such content came from. Along the same lines, posting photos that do not belong to you and aren’t yours to use or post or use — is stealing. So I would remind you of asteya. The yogic dharma of non-stealing and invite you to cite your sources for your photos and words that BELONG to the SYDA foundation and to no one else. That means that without permission from SYDA display such content is not only a violation of asteya but may also be a legal violation in using someone else’s property for one’s own personal use. That being said, I don’t know if you have received permission from the owner of the content of the pictures and quotes of the various media OWNED by SYDA. IF you do, that is wonderful and I would go further to acknowledge the source. If not, using photos and quotes from the internet or any books that have it originated from us amounts to stealing. And is also illegal. So I would encourage you to clarify your sources of the Siddha Yoga Lineage, in terms of using that intellectual property with permission. Perhaps meditation on the deeper meanings of asteya and nonstealing may be useful, as would be self inquiry into treason you feel you may use images and writings that don’t belong to you, if you haven’t received permission. Your Bhakti is deeply felt, however, devotees must work with integrity in all areas of life. I encourage you to contact the SYDA FOUNDATION if you desire to use their intellectual property. And if you do not I would encourage you to take down was isn’t your property and therefore not yours to use.

jana said...

Hello, namaste and thank you very much for your comment. It has given me an opportunity to re-examine my use of SYDA photos.

When I lived at Shree Muktananda Ashram, there was a rule not to take photos of the ashram. To do so might disrupt the sacred space. Similarly, there was a rule not to use cell phones.

In the early stages of my blog, I did not post them. I even went so far as to not name Gurumayi when I wrote of my Guru.

Eventually, I did refer to Her by name very infrequently. I eventually felt that I might post her photo a couple of times. I was very careful spiritually. It did not feel like I was diminishing Her shakti, or the shakti of the Lineage, of which I am very protective. What good would it do for me to refer to Her or post Her photo here as an expression of my life in Her grace if it diminished Her shakti in any way?

I assume that SYDA checks the internet for unauthorized use of SYDA photos, and non-attributed quotes, etc. They then request that the person remove the photos, and DCMA this person if necessary, and have the intellectual property removed.

I have credited SYDA, and I have not, and I haven't been notified. I know this sounds strange, but I did not want to add the SYDA attribution if it forces the sevite who checks to have to contact me and ask that the materials be taken down. In other words, I believe they have decided my use is acceptable. It is possible that if and when my use of SYDA photos was detected, a decision was made that I was in alignment with Gurumayi's organization and global mission.

As Gurumayi's devotee, I have only met Her a couple of times *in person*. Perhaps She is working through you to move me to a higher alignment with Her intentions, no matter which way I decide.

The Shakti can be sharp and fierce when needed. She becomes a perfect mirror to rebuke and protect. Our lineage starts with the time of Nityananda and Muktananda, when legalities were non-existent. It is an aspect of Kali Yuga that they are required now. I remain in the spirit of earlier times. I do not feel I am stealing or diminishing.

Again I thank you for your comment, which comes from the highest understanding, and is kind and gives me the benefit of the doubt, which is so often absent on the internet. I have the opportunity to move to a higher level of understanding, and will be further contemplating the knowledge arising from our dialogue.

~Jana Bess aka Jnanananda

jana said...

I have come to understand this: it does not matter either way if it is dharmic to display photos of my guru here. Because if I do, others may freely take them and do anything to them, and I cannot treat precious photos of my guru in this way. I have removed all images of Gurumayi from my blog. In keeping with this moment of contemplation and dharmic housecleaning, I have also begun using photos with permission, attribution, and/or from creative commons on my blog.

Thanks again for your suggestion.


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