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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The guru is the root of all action


 ~ Beloved Jnaneshwar ~
also known as Jnandeva
Jnaneshwar's guru was his
elder brother, Nivritti
I  never heard anyone, guruji or any devotees ever discuss what this means. It is prominently displayed next to the guru's asana (seat).

I turned it over in my mind from time to time, because I did not understand it. (Now I also know what she meant when she said that the mind must be prepared for the teachings).

Only in the last year or two did I learn that the guru is the creator (God), the supreme guru. But I still didn't know what that meant. The guru gets her guru powers from her oneness with Paramashiva?

This is part of why Shiva is portrayed as an ascetic, solitary on Mount Kailash in the Himalayas, with matted jata (locks), mostly naked in the cold, wearing animal skins, sacred ash, mala in hand, deep in meditation. He is the supreme yogi, the supreme guru.

I still didn't understand.

In the last year or so I was learning this and that. I learned about the Trimurti of Vishnaivism, in which Brahma is the creator, Shiva is the destroyer and Supreme Vishnu is the sustainer (and Lord Vishnu took birth as Lord Ram and then Lord Krishna).

Gorakshanath of the Nath Sampradaya
In Shaivism, I learned that Lord Shiva as Supreme over all the other gods performs all five divine functions, including the familiar three of the Trimurti: creator, sustainer, and destroyer (dissolver).

The other two divine functions are that of concealer, and revealer. Shiva conceals with the power of maya, which is illusion. He reveals through the power of GRACE.

I still didn't understand.

My mind finally reached a level of subtlety and purity (I still have lots more to go) where my understanding became full. Ohh.....

The Supreme Lord creates all out of himself... by using his divine will to contract his consciousness into a universe of cause and effect, of limitations (this, not that). In order for the ONE to enjoy this experience of the MANY, he also creates maya, which conceals the singular source of all. The many each think they are one of many. We no longer see a world made out of our self, the one. I think I am Jana, (or Jnana).

Shiva conceals his true nature from himself.... The game is afoot.

But my soul wants to return now. I want to be with my Lord, one with him, safe in his heart. "At last the little stream began meandering toward the sea..." That is where the revealer comes in. The supreme guru has stirred in my heart as the desire to return. He led me to my guru, who is one with his revealing power.

Now I understand.

The lotus rising from the mud below
is a symbol of purity and enlightenment
This small phrase, the guru is the root of all action, refers to truth. A basic truth that must always be understood to live in truth.

All of this is paramashiva. All of this comes from and is moved by the Lord's intelligence as consciousness.

There can be no physical guru without this understanding. It is the source of the physical guru's base and power. If this truth is compromised in any way, the physical guru becomes a teacher with some fancy powers. Powers that can be used to deceive.

To be a guru is to be much more even than a realized being. She is one with the REVEALING power of Paramashiva, the Supreme Guru, which is GRACE. Everything that happens around and from my guru's shakti comes from the Supreme shakti of the Supreme Guru, in Paramashiva's activity as the revealer, the grace bestowing aspect of God..

"The guru is the root of all action."

To be a guru is to be committed to and aligned with the Supreme Guru's grace. Her grace is Paramashiva's grace, given in a very special way. I am so fortunate to receive this grace(!), precious beyond most precious.

My guru is a person, and experiences life. But she is so much more than that. Her life is very different. It is a very high form of seva, service.

Thank you so very much. Thank you for your service and your enlightening, revealing grace.

Lotus seeds

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