Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Shiva, Paramashiva, Krishna, Vishnu, Lakshmi, Ram, Kali Durga, Ganesha, Buddha, Quan Yin, Jesus, Heavenly Father... My Beloved

It seems so obvious now. But Vishnu and Paramashiva are the same. And Krishna is an incarnation of Vishnu (and Shiva of Paramashiva). I was so confused about these three, which came from the impurity of my mind. 

I couldn't reconcile these concepts. They couldn't all be experienced at the same time, which was difficult when reading the Gita, or deciding whether to pray to Shiva or Krishna, and thinking they were different. 

Blissful chanting of the Vishnu Sahasranam brought darshan with Krishna? Vishnu? Paramashiva??

And what about the grove, the boy Joseph, the two personages?

There was a point where I finally found inside the experience that all of the forms of God are Paramashiva. The divisions between religions and deities have finally melted away. Everywhere I look I recognize, love and worship my Beloved. 

Even in the grove. It was all Paramashiva. No more or less true because of it.

When I read the Gita, I am reading the words of the Vedantic Vishnu as Krishna, and his teachings regarding Brahman. The commentary is that of the Shaivist Saint, Jnaneshwar. 

Mischief! I slip past the beloved Vedantic and Shaivist Gods for the One in my heart.

The ultimate God I call Paramashiva. And there is nothing but Paramashiva, and nothing that is not. 

Paramashiva is my Beloved. Shiva is my Beloved. Vishnu is my Beloved. Krishna is my Beloved. The Supreme Guru is my Beloved.

Lakshmi, Ram, Kali-Durga, Ganesha... Buddha, Quan Yin... Jesus, Heavenly Father... a few of the many thousand names of my Beloved.

God is my Beloved.


Mr. D. said...

Thank you for sharing your path with me. I too am confused: who shall I worship? I am attracted to all. And I am distracted by family, job, culture, my Catholic upbringing, my depression. I seek God slowly and at peace. Namaste, Brian

jnana shiva said...

Thank you for your comment Brian. If you have the desire to worship, that is a wonderful gift! Not everyone has that. I have yearned to worship God, wanting to show my love for God over and over. Though I was raised Mormon, I tried reciting the rosary. I learned Wicca and read the Tarot. Eventually a friend introduced me to my guru. The answer is that if you want to worship God, God will come to you in the form that is best for you. I don't think most people have such a complex relationship with the divine as me. My advice is to tolerate the confusion and follow your heart until it is sorted out. Pray to God to come to you in the form that is best, and open your heart as a temple, awaiting the deity to be found there. Let your longing for the divine draw your Ishta Devata, your chosen form of God, to the temple of your heart. When you find The Beloved there, you will see The Beloved in everything, including all of the Gods from all religions. How lucky you are to have the desire to worship!

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