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Monday, January 28, 2013

Nada 8 (the hum sound)

The hum sound (nada) has changed from being mostly a plane glidinig in for landing (or dueling leaf blowers) to a plane warming up on the tarmac (I could hear this sound at the airport sometimes from Bill's house).

Hmmmm. Came in for a landing? 

I have been about to DIE from such a long weary, tore me up, I've just got to land someplace (and rest for a few years), extended arc of savaged-by-adulthood, so-called living. Ya.

A cutesy way to describe hell.

At last I have landed! My life no longer bleeds me. It no longer takes more out than it puts in. I'm a shriveled little blot of a person, suddenly I'm like those mighty sponges that GROW when you add a little bit of water. POOF!

At last my premonition that my fifties would be my golden time has come true... few years late (worth the wait).

Each gopi had her own Krishna
Hmmmm. Warming up on the tarmac?

Immediately I think, don't get distracted. You've been waiting your whole life for this. I think about how I practice sanyama less than when this (pervasive spiritual experience) first started. If that's the door, then keep walking trough it!

UPDATE: Yes, the nada/hum sound is from "inside," and is divine in origin. God has picked a sound that I know very well and which can be a background noise that doesn't drive me too buggy (plane sounds). It's a sound that has a beginning, when I first notice it. It has direction, as the plane moves closer. 

I believe that picking a divine "tinkling" (or etc.) sound would likely cause me to focus more on the sound and less on the message.

Sound has a magical quality. It is both external and internal, and can transcend those distinctions. It can draw me to an "inner" place, a plane of being. 

And so, I have decided that Paramashiva is reaching out to me with the humming sound. "Listen," he is saying. "Follow the sound to me."

"I will, my Beloved."

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