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Thursday, January 31, 2013


Shiva Parvati ~ Pieter Weltevrede
My life is suddenly magical in every way. I am relaxing into the bliss and the sweet, fearless, profound relaxation. These changes are not going away.

My ego wants to get a hold of the changes, comparing me to "others," tallying up the new totals for my level of attainment. Silly ego! You are fired.

(There really is only ONE).

I look around, and all I see is bliss. Can it be that (my Beloved as) many many many people, seekers or otherwise, are all moving into bliss now? Or maybe I'm late, and think I'm early ha ha. At least I am beginning to realize that there are so many seekers (and so many paths) seeking and finding the way, and their bliss. I didn't know how real the spiritual path is for people.

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