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Monday, January 21, 2013

Nada 4

The internal humming sound is possibly a...
  • nada
  • siddhi
  • om
  • subtle sound (subtle body)
  • adhan, azaan, calls me to return at last to God
  • pulls me back to God and my state when I wander off ~ NOTE: my state is where my sadhana happens, where I am closest to God and my Beloved
  • challenges world of senses
  • challenges magic of maya
  • challenges my mind's order of things (mind keeps trying to make sense of it, can't)
  • constant reminder

The humming sound sounds like one of these droning sounds (it changes):
  • airplane (flying or landing)
  • helicopter (warming up or in flight)
  • leaf blower(s)
  • generator
  • chain saw
  • chipper-shredder
  • car on highway

Last night I asked myself what all these sounds have in common. One answer: Internal combustion engine. Strange.

Recently I realized the engine and tires sound of my parent's car was the first "hum" that lulled me into meditation (since birth).  I was five(?), and curled up in the heat on the gently vibrating floorboards of my parent's car as we traveled through the night to grandma & grandpa's house. (I sensed that mom had noticed, and gestured to dad, and that they smiled, an amazing moment and an amazing memory, so clear). *

I was thinking about this favorite memory when I was taking a bath. The gentle roar of the hot water as the tub filled around me reminded me again of that car-night-heat-vibration-meditation. And again, I felt completely safe, inward turning, outside of mind, time and place, assured of attainment and of God.

This morning I thought about that again, and wondered... that memory of profound meditation was also set to the sounds, vibrations and warmth of an internal combustion engine. The hum of the engine (and tire noise) was a droning sound that pulled me into the deep, center place.

Currently my hum sound is a leaf blower (nearby). This a sound that is not mystical or beautiful, ha ha. Which means if it is nada or a siddhi I won't get attached to or distracted by it as much as I would if it were the special tinkling nada, for example.

*The next year I didn't fit, driveline hump in the way. A huge loss.

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