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Thursday, January 24, 2013


"So I finally decided to just give up
on ever having a life at all..."
I have always been so different. Unable to develop more than the most basic of social connections.

It's like a whole part of me never grew.

Well, now I think that's brilliant! Now I am a sadhini, without a whole bunch of ego, karma and habits of action and perception that I would have had if I were a "well-rounded" human this time around.

I am so lucky! I took the step needed, turning at last from the world and the illusions of participation that I chased all my years, and as this obsession finally fell away, my true path suddenly appeared. This one step as I turned became twenty, or one hundred. An instant transformation to where I am now, borne on my Guru's grace to a lofty height, now my world, jnanaloka. God, bliss, God, My Beloved is everything and everywhere.

My Guru, You accepted me as your devotee, and brought me through all to this place. Without your grace, I could not find God in this body, in this moment, in this lifetime.

Thank You Thank You Gurudeva, my Guru, Guruji. Your grace is that of the Supreme Guru, Lord Paramashiva. 

Om Guru Om.

I love you.

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