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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Subtle body 2

I am smoking only a few times a day now, and I make my coffee with half caf & haf de-caf.

If I smoke a "real" cigarette, I immediately taste the burning in it, and the nasty chemicals created. I still smoke a little, but I'm almost going without (still using the e-cigarette to take the place of, though it doesn't completely fill the space of smoking after eating).

Namaste by Alex Gray ~ use as permitted
My body feels different, and especially my state and inner experience of being. Less of the awful sharp and  "popping" like energy of the cigarettes and caffeine. But more than just their absence. I feel more subtle, lighter and clearer somehow. My mind is much more steady. I have been feeling a lot more equipoise, and this supports that.

My being feels like divine energy. Ahh, it feels so good. I can feel my subtle body, as if I am having a big stretch, and feel it all over.

More: shakti, things that feel like they have more shakti in them:

My eyes, feel soothed and both more relaxed and more "open." Colors are crisper, clearer and more vibrant. It is very noticeable. More things are beautiful, some take my breath away.

My ears, I feel the constant gentle pressure of shakti purification in my ears. I notice more sounds, both subtle and generally.

My body, hunger is much more noticeable, not sure I like that. Hugging Poco cat is a symphony of sensation, and we're both happy about that.

Energetically, I am much more centered. I don't fly this way and that, attaching to sense objects, not nearly as much. 

It seems that I am consolidating a huge spiritual change in my soul and being, and that cutting back on cigarettes and coffee has supported that.

I keep saying over and over, "I am so lucky. I am so lucky," though of course luck isn't really in the equation. My Guru is truly the wish-fulfilling tree. I thank Her over and over for this huge gift from Her grace (not something I could earn or attain on my own).

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