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Monday, January 14, 2013

Finding the path

Each direction I seek, grasping for the path, fearing I am now lost in the darkness and all will suddenly fall away beneath me. Fear. My darshan of God is not there. I grasp at a tiny reflection at the edge of samsara

My ego can only reach as this, cannot absorb the delicious mystery of all.

To learn the new dance I must first become still... and learn how to learn.

Not the right combination of inner moves. 

Not the hated compulsive organization and sequence of external moves.

Not the right combination of whatever fear is not.

It's here. I sink into it when there is no play.

The only play left is the bliss of my Beloved returning to Himself. To focus on anything else is to dress this dish of the sweetest nectar with shards of coconut shell.

Photo: Mirage Fighter Jet, French Air Force (may not be reproduced without attribution)

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