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Monday, January 28, 2013


I noticed his profile on Twitter. He seemed like an interesting person. I looked at his LinkedIn profile. Interesting.

I followed him on Twitter. Thought about it once or twice, looked at his Twitter profile. Who was this guy?

A day or so later... He kept popping into my mind. Finally I Googled him, and checked out some videos from his band on YouTube. Interesting. He might be famous. He seemed to have money. He was very creative.

A few hours later, an energy and image of him really kept popping into my mind, with a huge surge of shakti! What, I said... what?? (Nothing like this has ever happened to me before).

All over a very sensual kriya took hold and moved me with passion and love.

All right! What?? Contact him???


Fine. I picked up my laptop, and composed a two-part tweet to him.

~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~
@XxxxxxXxxxxxx Hello Krishna, your profile caught my eye, I feel like we've met before (past life? laugh) I'm not into LA or club scene 1/2

@XxxxxxXxxxxxx I'm a soulful techie & irreverent mystic. Love music, film, quiet. Maybe we could connect at least to say hi again lol. 2/2
~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~

Spent a decent amount of time on it. No more. Sent it. That was around 4:00am.

I don't know, I told myself, what this is all about. So, if he responds, great. If he doesn't, great. Maybe the shakti is teaching me how to be fearless, how to reach out for something I am really interested in.

Maybe he needed someone to make a little playful "hit" on him, helped him out somehow. In a way he doesn't have to respond to get this benefit. That's fine too.

I resisted the temptation to redo my blog, etc. through his eyes, to present myself as a certain thing (90% of my on-line activities until now). Did it a little, then let it go.

Woke up today, didn't rush over to the comp, signed on, looked at a couple of things, then, oh... guess I should check my Twitter. A little apprehension, afraid I'd feel hurt. No reply. Not a biggie.


Later I was doing something else on Twitter and came across the Direct Message button (I forgot where it was). I had assumed I could not direct message Krishna unless we followed each other.

WRONG. I sent a tweet instead of a direct message. Totally WRONG.

A HUGE flush of embarrassment flooded through my entire being like FIRE. "Wow!" I said, as I observed this with fairly perfect equanimity. The fire was so hot and intense, it had to be good, though it was hard to let it move through me. Yep, must have burned a whole lifetime of karma in that blaze, ha ha.

My life is on a whole new plane now. What could be better? Nothing. Nothing at all.

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