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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


My path just now is to greatly develop and sharpen my discrimination, to reject fear and anxiety, and to partake in any moment of the consciousness from which creation as this is made.

I have been given through grace the choice at any time to take the smallest but most profound step back from the world of my senses into my Self as embodied Shiva... a place of absolute stillness, absolute quiet, eternal yet beyond time, absolute darkness without dark and light, a place of the void, yet consisting entirely of my Beloved Paramashiva's nature as love and bliss.

It is an entirely new, yet immediately and wholly recognized place. I feel at once, this is what I am yearning for, this is what is calling to me, to this at last I am returning. So far I have travelled, yet home at last I find whisper close as I turn away from samsara.

Each time I partake of my Beloved's senses, made from His Consciousness, I feel a poignant, almost sad goodbye to this world. My arc has pierced the breadth of this emanation of all. I am returning at last to My Lord. Farewell, my heart says. We have played, and only thought to suffer. I have burnt my suffering, offered my karma to the sacred fire. Now all is well... and I find at my feet and in my heart the ever-present, subtle path which returns to my own true nature, love and bliss.

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