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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nada and the ultimate goal

God brought me in for a landing, but he's not waiting for me to do some sight-seeing. My new flight is warming up on the tarmac. I hear it night and day, first thing when I wake up, last thing while drifting into sleep.

Graceland Memphis
Maybe God is waiting for me to do a little sight-seeing (how things look now I'm on the way to Graceland).

Wow, while I was typing this, the sound was so loud and mostly in my right ear: a plane warming up on the tarmac.

Then just now it became very quiet, and back in my left ear.

I was about to type, perhaps God knows I will be "here" for a bit, but is leaving my departure flight warming up in hearing range so I won't forget the ultimate goal, which is...???

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