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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The path within

I had a thought that each soul reaches the attainment they seek, that is their heart's desire. I have read that in (much or all of??) Buddhism, and for some seekers, release into the void is the ultimate choice of their heart. 

Shri Devi (Goddess) and the Trimurti
(Brahma left, Vishnu center, Shiva right)
For me, that sounds, well, awful. To seek that would be to extinguish my eternal Paramashiva in a poof! followed by nothing. Oh no!!!!! My heart is horrified.

Perhaps what I find liberating would be a part of the entanglements and snares others release to find and experience the true freedom of liberation. 

Perhaps an offering to the fire, and the liberation obtained by this offering, is the same process for everyone, and not dependent on the "details" in each heart. It's the process inside, and the path each of us find that calls uniquely to us.

I also believe there are mysteries behind mysteries. Shiva doesn't skimp on mystery! (Delicious fun!!)

What suits me, my heart, my soul is to find God as My Beloved everywhere and in everything. As a seeker, this is the path my feet have finally found. Through the grace of my guru, it is the path already inside of me, waiting in my heart.


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