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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Boundless bewilderment

Rameshwar Jha

"This is my boundlessness
That I am seen in multiple forms
And look at this bewilderment
Consciousness is expressed as inanimate things"
~Shiv Yogi शिव योगी - Mahamahopadhyaya Acharya Rameshwar Jha 

When I first moved to the ashram, I attended a satsang the night before the Weeklong Course was to begin. I enjoyed the satsang which included chanting, and when it ended I looked around... and everything was suddenly transformed. I looked around with the eyes of complete attainment, though I didn't know what to think of it or call it then. (I certainly wasn't thinking on that level!)

I was filled with an exquisite, constant and living bliss, my being. Everything was so entertaining as to cause constant bubbling of laughter to rise up through my being.

I saw everything as One, and consciousness. It all looked the same as before, except it was chaitanyaalive, and I knew of what it was made, which was my Self, the Self of all.  

(The essence of this profoundly delicious experience was pratyabhijñā, or recognition (of Self). A divine satsang of One, the constant delight of My Lord).

Bade Baba's temple on the
 cover of Darshan magazine

I wandered about in this state, looking at everything at Anugraha in amazement. I walked down the little hall to the lower floor, (with Darshan magazine covers framed on the wall), and when I turned the corner, there was a row of old-fashioned, sit down, closed door phone booths, with people inside of them talking away!! Oh, my silent laughter crashed through me like waves of joy! It was so funny!! God... as a phone booth?? God, as someone who required a phone booth to talk to Himself?!? It was all so funny!!

I found the masquerade just as funny as could possibly be.

I know now that this experience, as are all spiritual experiences I have or have had, was a gift of grace from my guruji (thank you...).

During my three years at the ashram, whenever I visited Anugraha and the downstairs hall I jokingly called "Darshan" (with the Darshan magazine covers hanging in it), I would as I walked down it be more immersed with each step again and again in this precious spiritual experience, a priceless treasure my guru has given to me through her grace (thank you...).

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