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Saturday, February 23, 2013


I renounce portraying myself as an expert on anything. I renounce portraying myself as especially knowledgeable, that any knowledge I possess is a reflection of any special status in relation to others. I possess only knowledge I have received through the grace of another, my creator and my sadguru, and the resplendent grace of my guru. Any knowledge I may have received the grace to be able to offer to another, I can only impart again through grace, which is not my own.

Vishnu's completely captivating incarnation as Lord Krishna
Knowledge is not my own. Grace is not my own. I (small "I") am the vessel.

I (big "I") am all knowledge. I am all grace. I am the soul of all, Paramashiva. I worship my Self as grace and knowledge  (consciousness).

My Beloved Paramashiva, in His human form as the Supreme Person, Lord Krishna, has breathed the true knowledge, the true state of supreme bliss, that of the One who fully knows everything again and again, and delights in the ever-unfolding play, as His divine breath into my right ear.

~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~ ... ~

Lord Krishna leaned down and blew His intoxicating breath into my ear in Muktananda Mandir, August 1999 when I first moved to the ashram. I attended a preparation for the Shaktipat Intensive. The swami's exercise was to ask a divine question, and see what answer we may receive. With my eyes closed, the Lord delighted in bending down as though to whisper the answer in my ear. Then, my little world fell away and became the universe, and I knew His home and vantage from the divine playground of stars and the endless magical night of the One, all with the sweet and mighty mirth, the laughing profoundly divine sound of "haaaaauuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh..." as he breathed His Love and State of Endless Delight into my ear. (I heard tinkly divine nada afterwards).


"The world rests as the lotus in the palm of my hand, the cosmos revolves around my finger like a discus. I blow the music of life through my conch and wield my mace to protect all creatures." ~Lord Vishnu (Krsna Upanishad ~ emphasis mine)

Lord Vishnu's conch symbolizes the primordial creative voice in the form of the sacred sound OM, which is said to be the breath of Vishnu, pervading all space. Krishna's flute is also the vehicle of this breath, through which he creates the irresistible melody that each soul hears as our own personal call to return to Him. (adapted from Nitin Kumar of Exotic India Arts).

Maha-Vishnu holds the conch and the lotus, the discus and the mace,
symbolic of His powers, He who sustains the universe.

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