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Saturday, February 9, 2013


Lord Shiva and His beloved Parvati
(I love her sweet little feminine
snake jewelry)
I am beginning to suspect that my experiences of delicious darshan are more common than I thought.

When I meet people who are grooving on the spirit, who are simply happy, who like to share a moment with whomever they meet during their day, I think such people are having darshan. They just call it something else.

My ego wanting to compare myself to others in order to rate my attainment is ironically most likely the source of this realization. This experience of darshan feels very special because it is. God (as atma, small self) enjoys darshan of the divine in many forms. Not just that fleeting, wind in the treetops, just out of reach kind.

But there are a lot of times I have heard about people feeling that the purpose of life is a mysterious power that they can almost touch, but not quite. [I have since learned that this is anava mala].

Perhaps this is all a lot of different ways that God experiences longing to remember who He is, and how to return to Himself.

(Or maybe it is hard to describe past a certain point to people who aren't aware of realization yet? Unless you're a teacher or guru.)

I have thought of realization as a path you are either on, or not on. Any time not on the path takes away from becoming realized. A very Mormon, check marks on the right tablet (somewhere) kind of idea.

My Beloved Lord Paramashiva
Really, I think we're all on the path to realization. Perhaps some reach it without even knowing that's where they're headed. God can experience it very many ways.

I love my way! God and I are just enough "apart" to rub shoulders and purrrrrrrr. We are so in love!! 

My Paramashiva, my Shiva I love You, we are the most royal of royalty, the highest high court of lovers.

Because You are my Shiva... I am Your Parvati. Forever.

Be mine, my Beloved. I am coming to You in your sweetest dream of me.

Ah, this intoxication makes me swoon with my love for You...

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