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Friday, February 1, 2013


I'm being courted. Shiva is wooing me.

Everyone returns to God in the way that makes their heart and their soul melt and slip at last into their Beloved's.

Shiva Shakti
God is reaching out to me in the way that I find irresistible. Time winding through so many ages and lifetimes, to this place and time. This is the geography of love, to me.

A lifetime of swaying to the music that conveyed the secret whisper of God... "come to me, My Beloved. You are mine... come to me." 

Never alone. Someone always there when I stopped to search my heart.

Fragrance of the divine, sandalwood, gardenia, a moment to swoon, sure of loving arms to hold me up.

Darkness a velvety softness, digambara, clothed in space the raiment of My Beloved.

The sensual divine, pulls me closer, takes my breath, gives breath back, there is nothing closer.

When my emotions at last find answer, keeping pace with these sudden swirls of bliss, the dance is perfection at last.

My Lord. My Beloved. I answer: yes.

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