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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tinkly nada

I still have the distant, airplane on the tarmac nada all of the time. Now I have a more immediate and complex nada. I had it last night while laying in bed, then again this morning before arising.
Tinkles like chimes, only higher notes
and so divine as to be indescribable

I am having it right now (just turned the music off). It sounds like thousands of rippling golden tines being played gently but firmly in rounds of sounds like tinkling, but more fluid, rising and falling just slightly while being played... only a divine sound could be made this way.

I tune in, and more sprinklings of individual tines "singing" (?) become detectable. The entire "song" is kind of like a vigorous, but uniform wave of many notes overlapping and/or close to each other (on the scale).

That's the closest I can get to describing it, I think.

It is accompanied by a feeling of shakti "pressure" purification in my ears.

PS I am still so sick. I'm afraid I have bronchitis. I feel like I am dissolving away. Please.

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