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Thursday, February 21, 2013


When I meditate, my mind keeps trying to pull away. "This is boring." "We're done now."

This makes meditating seem hard, but now it is somewhat easier, because I use this challenging discomfort as very hot fuel to offer to the fire. It is a burn that I worship and treasure, the best use of my time, the best practice for my sadhana.

While meditating today, I focused on the golden tinkly ear nada. Lately I notice that it has a sound sort of like the effervescing of many tiny bubbles (like the tiny bubbly "burps" I sometimes get). I thought, "nada communicates regarding the nature of the divine." Immediately I saw a few very big blue _____s in succession, a strong yes made from consciousness. 

The divine is effervescing, tiny bubbles popping through, coming up... each tiny pop! a tiny bit of ego burst and consciousness freed, released as the freshest and newest of all of the free air.

(Of course, only someone with the very highest attainment would know this.)

PS Sometimes during meditation there are incredibly bright flashes of light on my closed eyelids. I've never had this before.

PPS When I was watching a YouTube video of Muktananda giving shaktipat, (I could hear Mukti's voice leading the chant), my computer browser suddenly and spontaneously changed to a tab with an image of Vishnu on it. I laughed...and laughed...!!

PPPS Later I was meditating and my computer monitor was suddenly awakened from blank screen to... the image of Lord Vishnu. I thought, hmm, meditation is good but it seems the creative and spirited shakti points to the steady mind of Vishnu as important for me, as in the practice of holding my mind steady also when I am not sitting in meditation.

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