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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


When the heavy dhyana feeling started, I tried meditating here on the couch in an informal position instead of cocooning in bed. It was hard at first. My mind didn't want to go on vacation. It wants all the exciting changes to be about it.

I chose slipping deep into spontaneous meditation as a discipline, just in that moment, to slip into being with no other pursuit or story. I am that. 

(The cat kept gently bumping me with his little head, a lot more than he ever has in the past. He loved the meditation.)

This level of meditation is an amazing gift that is being offered to me over and over each day, often with sweet kriyas that open up my neck and back areas. I hope to choose it from now on.

PS My mind is very centered and still. Even more so after the meditation. Unwavering bliss.

PPS Obviously my centered and still mind is a sign to my ego of our very great attainment. Also that I have kriyas, and especially sweet and gentle kriyas, are a sign of my mighty attainment!

PPPS Another round of heavy dhyana, I went to sleep and awoke at one in the morning. Lately this cocooning sleep is accompanied by intricate dreams I can only sort of remember. (Obviously heavy dhyana is a sign of very high attainment).

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