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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Raja Yoga

I didn't know, how could I know, that all I had to do was turn away from the world and my stake in maya, and immediately I would be purified and find moksha in every moment.
"Raja Yoga is the place of indivisible monism. If you enter the ONE you lose sight of the MANY." ~Bhagavan Nityananda

O my mind, take thy rest. 
I love it, it's huge, and it's coming right at me!
Photographing a C-130 Hercules transport plane
(I wish I had a credit for this picture)

Stop, stop trying to compare and take credit, stop.

It is a gift, all is a gift.

To have a guru is a gift. To have shaktipat is a gift.

To have the divine shakti move and purify my body with kriyas is a gift.

To have the divine shakti present in my hearing as nadas is a gift.

This bliss, this infatuation with everything, which is My Beloved, is all a gift. There isn't enough merit in all of the world for me to buy this gift from my guru, and it wouldn't work if there was.

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