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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lover's choice

Lord Shiva shares his tiger with me, Parvati
God is like a lover. 

God is my lover. Breathing softly into his bliss he has watched me, he has been me.

He softened, his lips changing to a softer smile. 

She is turning, he does not think, but knows. She is turning...

(He knows the dance of love, and follows, matches each desire).

As I turn to God at last he reaches softly, sure of my wants and needs, for He is my lover.

He has embraced me. "Don't let go," I prayed at first, our bliss flowing together as though never apart (true, that...). 

I am yours, make me yours. I curl against My Beloved as I look back, so sure at last that we are one, to watch as the cardboard world I shadow-boxed with slips into the background, a creation, an exquisite work of art, a set for the dance, costumes, moments, chapters... all so that I can meet and know my Self.

Because I have chosen God, God has chosen me. We are inseparable. 

Our love is our bliss.

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