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Friday, February 22, 2013


lotus seed mala
Somehow repeating the mantra in my mind, with or without my beloved lotus seed mala, has become much easier. It arises spontaneously sometimes, and continues spontaneously. Quite often I can choose to have the experience of the mantra having the qualities of movement (spanda) purifying my mind and being while I am completely still and identifying with Paramashiva. (Enough silly ego!!)

I read on our website that the sangham is focusing on the practice of the mantra this year. The guru is supporting us, and we are supporting each other.

I feel as though a (somehow) cool, golden fire of great tapas purifies me all aglow.... as my mind is bathed in the cooling nectar of endless blooming blossoms, each a repetition of My Beloved's most beautiful name.

Klimt: Roses Under the Tree detail
Klimt: Roses Under the Trees, detail

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