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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Every day

Morning aarti Veranasi India
You are so close, my Beloved
Oh God, I am in misery. Misery...

Why must I burn like this, for You, every day...?

You are all I care about, think about, search for with these eyes, this body. You are everything, and all of this... You're all of me, and yet, we are somehow still apart.

I fall into You, then fall out!

Where is the secret? I am so sure I have found it when I fold myself over You like chocolate on a s'more. I feel myself melting... (my marshmallow heart...).

What, again? I have taken the shape of this cup of ego. I think I'm a half-empty cup. Absurd.

What is the secret? I am so sure I know it every time we are ONE. Then I wake up alone and have to call out to You.

There You are on my TV! Stop toying with me.

Open (and open) and show me the one door I can walk through and stop looking for You. It's only polite.

Morning aarti Varanasi India
Everyone knows You are right here...

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