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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Without Krishna I cannot sleep ~ Mirabai

Krishna shares his flute
with His beloved Radha
Without Krishna I cannot sleep.
Tortured by longing, I cannot sleep,
And the fire of love
Drives me to wander hither and thither.
Without the light of the Beloved
My house is dark,
And lamps do not please me.
Without the Beloved my bed is uninviting,
And I pass the nights awake.
When will my Beloved return home?

What shall I do? Where shall I go?
Who can quench my pain?
My body has been bitten
By the snake of “absence,”
And my life is ebbing away
With every beat of the heart.

My Lord when will you come
To meet your Mira?

When, my Lord,
Will you come to laugh and talk with me? 

~ Mirabai

The great poet-saint Mirabai (c.1498–c.1557) was a princess, Hindu mystic, and devotee of Lord Krishna who lived in Rajasthan, India. She had a major influence on the Vishnaiva bhkati (devotional) movement of her time. Her many devotional songs, called bhajans, remain popular to this day.

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