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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Jet lag for yoginis

I feel as though I was a big rubber band, always stretched and taut, pulling. All my life. All.

And now it has all been loosened.

I'm dreamy and soft, and can't think about anything complicated. I lose almost every board I play in my favorite game. I really can't talk very well. More like sputtering. Brain is moving slow. Like jet lag for yoginis.

I am indulging the feeling of letting go. It feels wonderful to lay in bed for hours (watching Justified season 2, ya!).

I know I cannot live the way I did before this gift from my guru. I have thrown off the old. My extreme habits made from "fixing a broken life" are falling away from me.

I have complete trust that my guru will show me a new way to live after I have rested up and let the old ways go.

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