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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A precious gift of grace

Bliss... bliss... When I'm not burning.

When I'm burning, familiar fears come up, and for the first time in this lifetime I can look at them without doing anything, without losing my state.

People and situations that were perplexing and painful just a few weeks ago are simply something appearing before me.

Shree Krishna, I offer the fruits of my actions to you. I am free. I love you so...

Exquisite nectar fills me with supreme joy. I receive wave after wave of bliss, remembering the wonderful memories where I felt the magic, I knew there was magic, and knew that I must have it, I must find it.

I have stepped back. The world of the senses doesn't pull and push on me near as often.

Equipoise. A precious gift of grace. She is giving us everything.

A beautiful being whose entire life is one of boundless love and service

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