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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Reaching to that One

Evening arati in Varanasi

I used to think that worship was about the form. Focus on the form to get it right. Figure it out. Do it. Do.

Doing gets in the way for me. There is no where to get to, no fantastical doorway to somehow open if I progress enough. This got in the way.

Now. Here. Nowhere to go. God.

When I view the beautiful photos of the arati in Veranasi and Rishikesh, the brahmins are not looking here or there, close or far. They are looking at what is always, and what is everywhere, that One. That is their worship. Seeing with the heart, offering what is best, joining the Beloved, dissolving in Him as bliss.

They wave the lights, then hold them higher, highest, holding long....

Worship. Love. Reaching to that One.

Ganga. Surya. Shiva. 

Never forsaken.


Evening arati in Varanasi

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