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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

To remember... and to be

“On the pathway of your breath maintain continuously refreshed and full awareness on and in the center of breathing in and breathing out. This is internal asana.” (Netra Tantra) ~ From Universal Shaiva Fellowship

So delicate my touch upon my sadhana, the glow of my consciousness, the tiny "gloop" of God's nectar flowing down from my sahasrara.

There is only NOW. I bring my awareness into now, into the still center place, and withdraw the outward flow of my senses.

I am already there, the Self is attained. I can accept my level of awareness about this in every moment, and choose to be that.

I do not believe in struggle, not anymore.

The only doing, is to remember... and to be. To acknowledge grace, and offer worship. To change the impressions left on my mind by maya, to the impressions on my consciousness of that divine inner state... turning inward, the slightest change, and everything changes.

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