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Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Beloved's name is Shiva

Ever since my guru (who else?) announced "Pack your bags..." when I was waking up, I am slipping more each minute into the One, it is bliss and magic, returning to God, to my true Self.

Was it only a few months ago when I was STRIVING to reach God? And then having little interest? Back and forth. I've really stopped that!

When I think about writing in my blog, and how this perspective might sound, I feel I want to explain (who am I explaining to?)

If someone is reading this, and thinks there is way more to life than "shutting out" my experience of the world, that it is self-centered and perhaps outright delusional, consider my explanation.

I am stepping out of the game. The game goes on. We all have our time to move on. I follow my duty through the world, and observe it. But my senses are turning inside. That is where my heart is, where my treasure lies.

I am leaving this world, inside. Inside I have turned away from the world. I am not afraid, or bound by it. I am not concerned. I am free. My state is the key.

I do not move. Where I am is profoundly still because there is no space and there is no time.

Space means here, and not here. Time means now, and not now. Limitations. God, my divine nature exists outside of these elements of maya. Even my own concept of God is a momentary shill, a compassionate offering for my mind to grasp. God is beyond all concepts.

God has many names, and answers to all of them.

My Beloved's name is Shiva. Shiva Shiva Shiva.... the land of my being, the water of my soul. I am called Jnana Shiva... to know You is my state.

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