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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Arms of bliss

When I see this all as intelligence at play... when the play of multiplicity disappears... it is because I slip into that place in myself.

It is not because I struggle, or practice austerities, or follow the techniques that are the way to freedom for some.

I find the truth in now, and know I am free now.... I am filled with the bliss now.

This is bhakti to me. This is powerful. Bhakti is described as the longest path to liberation, because it is not built on discipline or austerities. I must disagree.

Discipline is letting go of the karmas when they catch on fire, and turning to my Beloved instead.

Divine technique is loving my Beloved first in all things, always first.

Austerities are offering my ego and everything to my guru, every day. Noticing what is limited and letting it go, including things most treasured and loved for lifetimes. Choosing my Beloved instead.

Every time I choose my Beloved, I slip out of maya and into His arms, the arms of bliss.

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