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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Abundantly evident

Utpaladeva says:

Nothing can shine that is separate 
from the light of your form, O Lord
Therefore, though disguised by nature, 
you remain accessible 

Just as it here is certain through great insight
That you are everything
That there is nothing else
Either existent or nonexistent
So, then, be abundantly evident to me 

The tri-form leaf of the Bilva tree is sacred to Lord Shiva
Yes, Utpala has an abundantly evident sense of humor.

The Shivastotravali and Jnaneshwar's Gita are my two favorite scriptures. They are both chanted every day by many multitudes of devotees.


Shiva and Nandi statuette from

NOTE: Shiva doesn't actually ride on the bull Nandi. His "vehicle" is also a god who brings his own symbolism to that of Shiva, embodying the serenity and unfailing repose of Shiva's constant meditation

This luminous translation of The Shivastotravali by Utpaladeva (10th century) is by Constantina Rhodes. I haven't read Swami Lakshmanjoo's commentary yet.

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