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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Reaching to the Guru

Radha Krishna

My newfound sense of rest and delight comes from the Guru.

I feel these things are the birthright of every being. But I have been mistaking the source. If my freedom was delayed, and now arrives. If I have finally through my own efforts pushed aside discomfort and fear. It is not accurate to think that such blessings are here and in reach because of anything except the Guru.

Instead of trying to hold onto this ease, this profound clarity. Instead of reaching for them. My sadhana is now to accept wherever I am in this cycle of consciousness as having, losing and becoming.

Keep my mind out of the way.

Do not try. It is not a "do."

Accept, and reach to the Guru inside.

Tend to my state. Notice. Allow.

Now. Everything is now.

Accept, and reach to the Guru inside.

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