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Sunday, March 6, 2016

I recognize

Pain is the knife that slips through the karmas, pain is the bindings loosening, the tearing as it all strips away.

My sadhana is so different from all those I have known and shared it with.

This is not a mental exercise. I am way too good at those. Free me from them. Guru knows.

If I can put it together, or take it apart, it will own me.

Ugh is what I feel when my senses touch anything at all in this world. I am burning everything. I am burning burning. I must contract each part of myself again as memories arise of a lifetime of contraction, and the pain is doubled over and over.

Consciousness changes. To be steady is now.

There are no means. No skill in action. Not for me.

I do and I do not. It's all messy. Every moment, these moments and memories I burn away... There are no means.

I offer this greatest obsession to the fire.

The place of freedom can only be found. What is real can only be found. For me.

The place of freedom can only be found, recognized, now.

I recognize.

There are no means.

I recognize.

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