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Monday, November 2, 2015

Cancer sun, Cancer moon. Aquarius rising.

To me feelings are everything. They are truth. They are who I am. (I am a double Cancer, after all).

The feelings are so beautiful. The bliss.

Oh no, the feelings went away.

Oh! Totally new thought. Feelings come and go, they are not the purpose or measure of sadhana. Trying to control them, to get them to stay in the bliss, that is not sadhana.

What if I grow, become established in the Self no matter how I feel and how I am faring on the ocean of samsara? Hmmmmm.

Just stop. Stop trying to herd things around.


Ha hahah ahaha. Where's the remote?

Rossy de Palma. Style.

Waris loves you. Style.

Life is like the landlady: kicks butt without EVER removing her cigarette
That's me whimpering in the corner LOL

Oh no, what have I done? No no no. Hahh  ahahaha a.

Oh well, darn. Time for more of this guy (where's the remote?)

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