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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Durga always sets things right

Durga's power and grace are a steady, fierce current that precedes her insistent advance. There is no struggle at all for Durga's efforts, she is always victorious, wielding her many weapons that spell death to demons and uncontrolled ego. 

Mother is here. Kali Durga brings all the constant energy and sharpest discrimination to instantly conquer and build momentum. Durga does not exert her influence. She is. She simply arrives at full power and speed. If she takes you on board her vehicle, her lion, prepare for a breathtaking ride of completely unexpected tasks and locations. 

Durga sees everyone and everything. She is air energy, the double-edged sword of justice.

Durga is power, the force of good. She always sets things right. (Watch for the flip flop).

GIFs from Kung Fu Hustle

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