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Sunday, January 4, 2015

The grace of my guru

I chose to step back, my attachments falling away. I turned away from the world, still there, still my story, but not in my heart, not the story of my love.

God is here, in my heart. There is only this love. Doing is what happens. Love is what is.

I notice right away every time ego tries to take credit, to say this is me. And I am not often trapped by the habits of limited consciousness. I can feel the worst, the deep messy day of swirling feelings, and calmly await whatever is next. I have the freedom to not give up my freedom, over and over in many ways.

Over and over, when once it was days... now it is hours or minutes until I turn back inside to the welcoming bliss. I sink into the bliss and am absorbed by the one I love. I look at "myself" and all "around me" and it is all He

There are so few words to describe it; I walk about in this state, carried on this sure current of bliss and love. 

The karmas that burn are like a quiet festival of memories slipping by... slipping by.

There is only this love, and indescribable bliss. Bliss and love are dissolving me, my heart's desire. There is nothing possibly better than this fate: an infinitely moving act of love has overtaken me. 

There is no more waiting. Not because I am finished being dissolved by Love. It is because I have chosen my place in the arms of my Beloved, I share His bliss in all things.

How did this happen? There is only one way.

The grace of my guru.

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